Available Formats

A Fleet of over 2000 advertising assets across 5 capital cities and over 100 regional towns.

Transit media speaks to people when they are in action mode.

Our audience are highly receptive and more openly responsive to advertising messages. Transit is an invasive media. Consumption by the audience is involuntary in comparison to ‘consumed’ media such as Radio, TV and Press. 
An unavoidable high impact offering like no other, large format transit advertising ensures your message creates an 
everlasting impression.

See below for our available taxi ad formats.


Maxi Mega Wrap

By wrapping more than half a Maxi on all sides and the back, this enables you to double your audience as visible by both car traffic and pedestrians. Taxis cover all of the city, adding reach to your transit campaign and increasing brand awareness.              

Sedan Taxi Wrap

The frequency driver, multiple Sedan Four Door Wraps will reinforce your key message, or several key messages. With your advertising displayed on all four doors on both sides of the Taxis, your message will be close to point of sale with excellent exposure to both foot traffic and street traffic. 

London Cabs

The most iconic taxi advertising opportunity, London Cabs showcase your brand on our premium assets.  A visually 
impressive option, fully wrapped London Cabs are unavoidable and drive talkability around Sydney's bustling city. 

Taxi Backs

The frequency driver offering high impact on both motorists and pedestrians alike. Taxi backs are in the face of stationary traffic, soaking commuters in your branding for minutes at a time. A highly efficient option that's unavoidable at point blank range. 

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