Why Taxi

The Power of Movement & Unavoidable Out-Of-Home

Taxi Ads assets strengthen and complement your Out Of Home (OOH) advertising campaigns and offer a broader 
return on investment (ROI). 


OOH is #1 in driving Awareness and Desirability!!




WHY Transit


Transit Advertising Connects Brands with People

OOH is consistent in people's daily lives, achieving mass reach cost effectively.


Taxis are highly visible in and around the places where people work, relax and play – they constantly pass schools,

businesses, petrol stations and major community facilities.


Transit Drives Engagement & Supercharges ROI

Transit drives engagement, with a 127% increase in actions taken when added into the media mix.


  • It drives online action through a direct search or by downloading an App
  • 41% of people who see an OOH ad will use a search engine to gain more information 
  • OOH increases TV campains by 15%, and TV + Digital campaigns by 23%
  • OOH can increase intrigue by 38% on top of an Online campaign run on its own
  • OOH continues to deliver more online activity per ad dollar spent compared to TV, Radio & Print


Movement Ignites the Brain

Movement increases memory encoding in the brain and memory encoding increases ad effectiveness.

Transit advertising is 20% higher than all other outdoor formats when it comes to memory encoding.


People can’t help but notice moving transit ads, they instantly GRAB YOUR ATTENTION!!


Make your business unavoidable with taxi advertising. Get in touch with one of our Sales Executives today to discuss

advertising options.



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